Our “Imperial Eyes”

    In her 1983 travel book, Salvador, Joan Didion “aggressively and lucidly sought to abdicate the authority of the seeing-man”  writes Mary Louise Pratt in Imperial Eyes: Travel Writing and Transculturation. Instead, she embodied it. Pratt writes, “the New York Times, the Washington Post, USA Today, and People magazine hailed Salvador for the very … More Our “Imperial Eyes”

Touring Kampala

Kasubi Tombs In between Peace Corps meetings in Kampala during the few weeks off from school between the first and second trimesters, we decided to do some sight seeing. We started at Kololo (which a tour guide later described as “the Beverly Hills of Kampala”) to Kasubi, the first of Kampala’s seven hills, to see the … More Touring Kampala

When Westerners Imitate Ugandans

Back when we were in Pre-Service Training, we had a session called “Uganglish” where we learned words and phrases Ugandans use that Americans may not. Many of these come from British English. “Picking” means “understanding.” “Short-call” means “to go urinate.” “To flash” means “to call someone and hang up” (like paging, flashing is a request to call the … More When Westerners Imitate Ugandans

Our First Anniversary & America’s 240th

America’s 240th How did we celebrate the 4th of July? Watching Back to the Future and Spike Lee’s Malcolm X, roasting chicken, potatoes, peas, carrots, and onions, splurging on Snickers bars, listening to Beyonce’s Lemonade and Broadway’s Hamilton, and…working. Peace Corps encourages volunteers to use American holidays as Goal Two opportunities (“Helping promote a better understanding … More Our First Anniversary & America’s 240th

First Week at School

Day One Primary Teachers College The quiet, lazy Teachers College Matthew and Victoria called home for the last ten days is suddenly abuzz with prospective first-year students arriving for admission interviews and second-year students showing up throughout the day on boda-bodas (motorcycle taxis, forbidden for Peace Corps Volunteers but the most convenient mode of transportation … More First Week at School