Teacher Trainer Ssemaganda George

Ssemaganda George works to support in-service primary school teachers as a Coordinating Center Tutor (CCT) for Kyantale Coordinating Center within the catchment area of Ndegeya Core Primary Teachers’ College in Masaka, Uganda. We spoke to him on October 23, 2017. Do your names have any meaning or story behind them? The baganda say “sse,” someone … More Teacher Trainer Ssemaganda George

Community Health Promoter Nagginda Cissy

Nagginda Cissy is a Community Health Promoter for Living Goods in Masaka district. She lives at Weaverbird Campsite and Sculpture Park with her husband and son where she makes arts and crafts. Every summer, the campsite hosts 150-180 runners who come from around the world for the annual Uganda International Marathon. On weekends, Cissy works … More Community Health Promoter Nagginda Cissy

Spring Cleaning

Tonight, we’re cleaning out our closets with some material we’ve intended for blogs that never made it. Graduation Party – May 2016 We attended a graduation party for the principal of the PTC. She completed her doctoral degree, and this is a fantastic reason to dress up, overeat, drink, pray (the celebration began with a Mass), and be … More Spring Cleaning

Development Worker Namagembe Hilda Irene Bugembe

Namagembe Hilda Irene Bugembe is a recent graduate in Development Studies from Makerere University in Kampala, one of the most prestigious universities in Africa.  How do you identify yourself?  I’m a Ugandan from Buganda culture. What Baganda clan are you? Embogo, buffalo. What languages do you speak, and when do you speak them? I speak Luganda … More Development Worker Namagembe Hilda Irene Bugembe

Student-Teacher & Writer Mwanje Joseph

The following interview was conducted with Mwanje Joseph, a first-year student-teacher in a two-year teacher-training program at a Primary Teachers’ College in central Uganda. In addition to studying to become a primary school teacher, Mwanje writes poetry, fiction, and plays in both Luganda and English. What does your name mean? My name Mwanje is under … More Student-Teacher & Writer Mwanje Joseph

Language Trainer Herbert Sengendo

The interview below was conducted at the end of July, 2016, with Herbert Sengendo, one of two incredible Peace Corps Language Trainers who taught us Luganda during our Pre-Service Training.  What does your Luganda name, Sengendo, mean? It literally means journeys from okugenda, to go. Olugendo means journey, engendo, journeys. What clan are you? Civet … More Language Trainer Herbert Sengendo

Entrepreneur and Driver Denis Jjunju

History has enough literature written by white westerners about Africa. We want to improve Bloganda (and more effectively accomplish Peace Corps Uganda’s Third Goal, “Helping promote a better understanding of Ugandans on the part of Americans”) by allowing more opportunities for Ugandans to speak for themselves. The interview below was conducted with our friend Denis … More Entrepreneur and Driver Denis Jjunju

“The Second-Youngest Country in the World”

Back in February, we received an e-mail from a Peace Corps Volunteer inviting us to attend this year’s Youth Technical Training (YTT): These trainings are part of a cross-sector initiative to engage all PCVs who work with youth and create a foundation of best practices and hard skills. Currently, Uganda is the second-youngest country in … More “The Second-Youngest Country in the World”